Divorce of marriage: until death do us part (or mother-in-law)

Divorce as such is unpleasant, so why make it more complicated in point of law?

I have an extensive practice in the area of divorce in both contested and uncontested cases. I will do my best to help you get through this difficult life situation as quickly and as peacefully as possible. I will be your support in contested and uncontested divorce (divorce by agreement).

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How the divorce proceeds

No matter how the divorce proceeds, you won't be alone in it. As a divorce lawyer, I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Divorce proceeds in two ways.

Uncontested divorce (so called divorce by agreement)

An uncontested divorce is the ideal solution. That's why we try to meet the other party at the beginning and propose agreement. After reaching the agreement I will prepare the necessary agreements that will be submitted to the divorce court.

This type of divorce is relatively quick and the court does not investigate the reasons for breakdown of the marriage. You won't be in the courtroom for more than 30 minutes, and some courts allow spouses to get their divorce decree the same day.

Contested divorce

It may happen that the other party does not agree to the agreement. But that doesn't mean all days are over. Even in a contested divorce I will do my best to make sure everything goes smoothly and you have a minimum of worry.

In a contested divorce, the court determines the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage, but this does not have a direct effect on the property settlement of the community property of spouses except in exceptional situations

Thanks to my extensive experience with these cases, I can help you even in situations where the divorce is accompanied by very specific circumstances.

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