Family law

…when you need to start with considerations about your family situation and to speak in legal relations.

When can I be your adviser and guide

Family relations are as a fragile shell that can be easily affected by problems, misunderstanding, unrealistic expectations or bad communication.

I am here for you when you need to start with considerations about your life situation and speak in legal relations.

I devote myself to my clients from the first moment at full professional stretch. We will jointly identify the situation and after the introductory consultation you will hear from me factual suggestions how to solve it. Seemingly unsolvable family legal situation has also its reasonable solution, in my office you can hardly hear that something is “impossible“.

I understand your concerns and uncertainty

Each law case I am dealing with has its importance and its unique place. I always work with maximum accuracy and consistency. My objective is to reach the result that will really solve your situation. At the best it will be a long-continuing sustainable solution, i.e. such a solution that reduces a risk to commence “another” legal proceedings that can have negative impacts on the child and both parents, in particular in matters regarding minor children.

Family in international context

Break-up of an international family is connected with specific difficulties – e.g. regulation of the child custody whose parents live in different countries, regulation of visitation rights of the child with a parent living abroad or regulation of maintenance support for a child in situations when the maintenance is/shall be paid by a parent who lives abroad. In the true sense of the word is then the extreme situation that can the international family come across, the relocation of the child to a foreign country by one of the parents without the consent of the other parent – so called the parental child abduction (more detailed information concerning this issue can be found here).

I am specialized in the long term in providing the legal assistance in the context of so called international family. It is mostly a case when one of the parents/spouses/unmarried partners is a foreigner or both parents/spouses/unmarried partners are foreigners. It may concern also parents/spouses/unmarried partners who are citizens of the Czech Republic however living outside the territory of the Czech Republic.

As a visiting EU-lawyer I also provide legal assistance in the territory of Slovakia, namely in legal matters regarding the international child abduction (more detailed information concerning this issue can be found here).

What can I help you

  • with the settlement of parental situation in connection with divorce or separation
  • with the settlement of property in connection with divorce or separation
  • with the settlement of family situation due to divorce or separation (relations of children's relationship with parents and grandparents, contacts of parents and grandparents with children)
  • with the settlement of alimony for a (divorced) spouse
  • with the settlement of maintenance and support for a minor and a grown-up child
  • with the settlement of situation in case that you reasonably presume that your right to child care and upbringing was violated and/or it was unlawfully encroached upon your private and family life (proceedings before the constitutional court)
  • with settlement of property dispositions, in case that a minor child is a participant of the contract
  • with the settlement of legal requirements connected with the marriage, if the fiancés or one of them was a foreigner
  • the settlement of situation you are just involved in