AK SEKANINOVÁ – a law office in Brno specialized in family law

Did you meet with complications in your family life and don't know how to get out of them? Have no fear, I will be happy to give you a helping hand. Now you may think that your situation has no solution. Cheer up, we will find it together.

My name is Kateřina Sekaninová and I specialize in family law in the long term. I provide legal assistance to both Czech and foreign clients. I provide legal assistance in parental and matrimonial matters. I care that the law is not an obstacle for you but a support in important moments and decisions. 

  • I deal both with domestic matters and family matters with international overlap on behalf of clients
  • I have thrown a legal „life belt“ to parents or spouses from more than 30 countries.  
  • I provide services in Czech, English and German.

Legal services: in which areas can I help you out of a tight corner?

Family law

  • representation in dealing with the children care
  • representation in parental disputes
  • drafting of agreements for uncontested divorce
  • representation before courts in uncontested or contested divorces
  • increase or reduction of maintenance
  • settlement of community property of spouses
  • settlement of property of unmarried partners
  • contact of grandparents with children
  • determination of paternity
  • representation before the Constitutional Court


  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • establishment of limited companies in CZ
  • settlement of business license in CZ
  • settlement of disputes with employer
  • entering into marriage in CZ
  • representation in inheritance proceedings
  • child care and contacts with children
  • international divorce
  • maintenance with international element

Child abduction

  • international parental child abduction
  • representation before courts on the child return
  • execution of judgement for the child return
  • representation of parents in return proceedings in CZ
  • representation before courts on settlement of community property
  • representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court

Property law

  • settlement of community property of spouses
  • representation before court on settlement of community property of spouses
  • settlement of common property of unmarried partners

Civil law

  • drawing of purchase and donation agreements
  • purchase and sale of real estates
  • donation of real estates
  • establishment of easement
  • attorney custody of funds
  • representation before cadastral office
  • verification of signatures

Labor law

  • representation before courts in disputes with employer
  • settlement of out of court disputes with employer
  • invalid termination of employment
  • employees claims upon termination of employment