Maintenance for an unprovided child

Towards the end of the year 2020 an act on alternative maintenance discussed for a long time was adopted due to former media coverage of this issue known to the public primarily as an act on “advance ” maintenance. This act takes also life situation of children (minor and also adult children) in account whose parent fails to meet his/her maintenance duty toward an unprovided child (i.e. the child is not able to support himself/herself). The Act No. 588/2020 Coll., on alternative maintenance takes effect on the 1st of July, 2021.

The alternative maintenance will be a new social benefit belonging to an unprovided child with the permanent place of residence in the territory of the Czech Republic. Submission of a legitimate ruling of the court regarding the maintenance, default of maintenance payment by a parent, the execution on property of the obligatory parent to enforce the maintenance duty for a period of 4 months (or an absolute lack of property of the obligatory parent) is condition for its granting. It is the Labour Office of the Czech Republic that will decide about award of the alternative maintenance. The alternative maintenance will be paid out in an amount up to 3.000,-- CZK for a period in the length of 4 months but no longer than 4 months. It will be possible to apply then for a new award of the alternative maintenance because it is a regional office of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic with local jurisdiction that will again make decisions on applications.